Creativity and curiosity are closely linked and the subjects of my paintings are all things that spark my curiosity in some way. ​I love great design, bold patterns, clean lines, and interesting details.

A couple of years ago I bought an antique truck. My favorite thing about owning an antique vehicle is all of the strangers who stop me in parking lots and in the neighborhood to tell me about the truck their grandpa used to have on the farm, or the car their family had when they were growing up, or even just their favorite childhood road trip memory. In my current collection, I’m building on that sweet sense of nostalgia. It brings me joy when one of my paintings reminds someone of a long buried memory or of a long passed loved one.

Typewriters are especially important to me. In the 1940s and 1950s both of my grandmothers took typing and secretarial classes in high school. They graduated with skills that made them valuable in the post-war Washington DC economy. They went to work as secretaries in government agencies and law firms. Being able to type, take dictation, and write shorthand enabled them to have stable careers and enjoy the freedom of financial security. Typewriters carry a lot of symbolic weight and mean different things to different people. For me, the vintage typewriters I paint make me think about the special relationship between women and technology and what it means to balance a career and motherhood.

I am a member of Del Ray Artisans, The Art League, and The Torpedo Factory Artists Association. I hold a B.A. in Art History and Anthropology from George Mason University.

©2018 by Tara Barr